Saddened student quotes, "He was so close to solving World Hunger."

25 February 2013 9:54 PM
Ryan Born

Its old news but as an editor on a completely legitimate news site, I can write whatever is  necessary. 
Some might say that Alwardt was just another teacher, or just another government-paid man in a suit, but he was more then that to many students.

After his successful run as a director, directing the Tony-Winning Performances of the murder mystery, "Rehersal For Murder," last fall, and the comedy "Rumors" in Spring 2012, one would assume that Alwardt was on the path to ever-lasting fame and glory. To many in his Drama and Literature classes, his love for a good joke or fashion was legendary. His speech classes were the stuff that memories were made of; who can forget his motivational speeches, his fatherlike demeanor, his sheer competance?

But, alas, disaster struck us like a hammerblow to the heart.

In November, 2012, a month that will live on in infamy, John Alwardt dissapeared off the face of the school. His only written correspondence were sub notes, and he made no appearences since then. Many have wondered at his complete and utter removal from life as we know it, and many rumors have been started, swirling around this case of mystery. No one knows for certain where he's gone, or where he's at now, although our mole in the CIA reports that he is "working on it."

An obituary is for someone who is dead, and Mr. Alwardt is dead to us here at the IAM. He is gone; but where is he? The MISD? Can we really believe that?


And we can never rest not knowing.

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