5 March 2014 12:12 AM
Trevor Gross

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The question arises every year; should there be school on Superbowl Monday? With students getting older and staying out later at parties celebrating this world-famous sports event and spending the rest of the weekend getting ready, it becomes ever harder to squeeze in time for homework. The suggestions? No Monday school or at least no homework.

Between all the planning and partying, where do students find time to slip in that standard three hours of homework, including finishing up a project, and studying for the big test coming up? Well the answer for many students is starting when they get home from the parties, often 11:00PM or later. If we say three hours of homework a night, you do the math, that's 1:00AM earliest. Throw in an extra hour for getting ready for the next day and you're at 2:00. For those students that live far away, 6:00 wake-up times are a must, leaving only four hours for sleep; now compare that to the nine hours recommended, and you can see that somebody is getting short changed here.

Even if there wasn't homework to be done, 7 hours of sleep if a student goes to bed right after getting home is still off from the suggested hours. The least that schools could do is make sure we don't have any homework to keep us up later than we are anyway.

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