4 March 2013 10:00 PM
Brock Gabbert

Recently the 11th graders at the International Academy of Macomb have undertaken a great struggle. The struggle to actually care about their Extended Essays. This strenuous IB examination has recently been assigned, and tension is running high in the junior class. 

Said one student, "Oh, yeah... I should do something about that"

Yes, these students have toiled long and hard over this arduous task assigned to them. Many late nights will be spent, burning the late night oil. Many students agree that this essay will cause great distress. Will these students stand for this? In the words of the immortal Benjamin "Benjy" Franklin, "Yeah, probably".

This reporter hit the halls to find out what students thought about their EEs. 

"It's an outrage!" Said one junior, "I'm ashamed of the IB system"

Said another junior, " I'm actually looking forward to writing my study of the cultural impact made by garden trowels in the mid to late nineteen thirties"

"What's an EE?" Said one very confused Chippewa Valley ninth-grade student.

And finally, from another junior, "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE?!" 

Yes, this reporter can see that this Extended Essay struggle will fully shroud the junior class in a cloud of slight apathy and an all around attitude of "meh". It is also clear to this hard-hitting reporter that he should not have been in your bedroom, and would like to take this moment to apologize. He hopes this apology will cause you to reconsider your restraining order.

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