F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, is both exciting and riveting, with masterful attention to detail and loads of beautifully layered literary devices. 

As any student who has written an AEA worth a C knows, The Great Gatsby excels at keeping students awake and turning those pages. The protatgonist, Gatsby, is mysteriously mysterious and has creepily loved the same girl for five years and can't move on.

This strikes a chord with the millions of young men who also can't move on, and make millions of dollars bootlegging and buying a three million dollar mansion just to stare at a green light across the bay, showing great passion instead of simply coping out and staring at a traffic light.

Meanwhile, the main antagonist, Nick, falls in love with his cousin, Daisy, and plots to bring down Gatsby by throwing an alchohalic party. Nick's man servent, Tom Buchanan, fights Daisy, mortally wounding her by breaking her knuckle.  To treat Daisy's wound, Gatsby brings her to Dr. Eckleberg, who made an offer he couldn't refuse with the mafia to eliminate Daisy. The Dr. refuses to go against his Hipocratic Oath, and the mafia responds by burning down his neighborhood and plastering his face on a billboard, promising cash; alive or dead.

Gatsby, Daisy, and Eckleberg escape using Nick's Hydroplane and flee to France, getting caught up in WWI. Nick uses his Harvard connections with the
Nazis to have them hunted down and exterminated. The book's climax comes when the SS finally corners them in the town of Casablanca.

Gatsby fights valantly, and eliminates the SS and Nick. Unfortunately, everyone else but Eckleberg dies.

Gatsby and Eckleberg walk off, and Gatsby remarks, "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

In an unrelated sub plot, Jordan Baker is a golfer. 

The skill with which this material is presented is asstounding, and the book brilliantly concludes with a major, stunning conclusion. 

This reviewer has no choice but to award five out of five stars, because that was the only choice given to him by his Sicilian Associates.

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